We didn't invent cryolipoysis, we just made it intelligent. 


An efficient method of fat reduction for adipose tissue, the Cryoslim Hybrid machine is a patented, exclusive system that delivers first class homogenous cooling with rapid results. High precision of targeted zones is made possible with the presence of four 'Peltiers', which distribute the arrival of the cold in several directions.

Like no other device before, the Cryoslim Hybrid interacts in real time to create an optimal treatment for each patient. The most effective technique for body contouring, Cryolipoysis offers targeted fat freezing, resulting in 39% of fatty folds eliminated even after one session. 

Equipped with analysis and adaptation abilities, USER ASSIST interacts in real time with the body of each patient. The composition, resistance, density, and volume of fats are analysed. The cross- referring data assures the results and offers a treatment perfectly suited to the specific needs of each area treated. 

Main Clinical* Results:

39% of fatty folds eliminated within the first session

93% of patients satisfied about results

90% of patients recommended


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